Our strategy 

Our Vision

Pars Mehr Engineering Company is included in the list of the first names of companies providing engineering services, analysis, technology development and troubleshooting engineering problems in various fields, especially the automotive industry using software.

Our Mission

Pars Mehr Engineering Company pursues the improvement of service quality and innovation through development and effectiveness in engineering and accounting skills, and in this direction, the development of knowledge and technology, human capital and commitment to quality are the basis for creating value and gaining customer satisfaction and other stakeholders.

Design, implementation and deployment of information and communication security
Carrying out research and development activities in the field of upgrading and improving quality and methods
Review and provide management services such as study counseling
Carrying out matters related to the import and export of services in line with the company’s vision 

Our Fundamental Values

Entrepreneurship and creating knowledge-based and sustainable employment
The focus of knowledge and technology on performance improvement
Commitment to the quality of services provided
Belief in initiative and innovation
Increase value for customers and other stakeholders
Responsibility for sustainable development
Belief in the development and participation of employees and creating discipline in the workplace
Commitment to creating and maintaining a healthy competitive environment in the business
Commitment to keeping the secrets of the organization and its stakeholders

Our Macro Goals

One of the top 10 technical engineering companies in the country in terms of technology, innovation and market share
Development of productivity and knowledge and technology in the services provided
Promoting the value added of the company at the national and international levels
Increasing profitability due to the provision of computer and technical engineering and technology services
Continuous improvement in the management system
Improving the level of competence of human capital