Automotive Industry: Computer Aided Engineering Design

Simultaneously with the orientation of the country towards the expansion of the automotive industry, the need to provide specialized technical and engineering services has been felt and the key role of these analyzes for continuous improvement has been identified. The variety of computer services of Pars Mehr Engineering Company in this field, makes it possible to take advantage of cost-effective options and improve performance simultaneously.

Engineering design and data analysis services of Pars Mehr Engineering Company in the field of automotive industry are generally developed for use in interior and exterior parts of automobiles as well as in engine parts.

Pars Mehr Engineering Company, during its partnership with world famous automakers, in addition to engineering services and data analysis required by this industry and meeting their needs, has been able to meet their trust.

The good performance of a car depends on the design of each of its sub-parts. The most important sub-parts are structure, body, chassis, seats and seat belts, doors, design of internal and external components and how to assemble and build.

Structural performance

In designing the structure of a car, different aspects are considered, including construction and assembly, body performance, sound, vibrations, seats, doors, and interior design. The structure of a car consists of internal and external parts, each part of which must show the necessary resistance to the force applied to it in terms of deformation. In general, the structure of a car should provide the necessary strength and flexibility.
The main source of this force and deformation is impact. This has made body design one of the most challenging issues in the automotive industry, taking into account the strength and longevity. Proper body design requires an understanding of the complex physical relationships between the structures used in it.

Body and doors

Pars Mehr Engineering Company has a lot of experience in designing car exteriors and reviewing their performance based on various rules and standards.

Durability and life of the car chassis

The strength and life of the car chassis in continuous conditions can be checked using the nonlinear performance of its system.
Geometry and materials are the two main sources of nonlinearity of the system. Chassis performance is tested in different scenarios such as different accident modes and different road conditions.
In this regard, Pars Mehr Engineering Company prepares a numerical simulation model of the chassis and body of the car for different scenarios.


Generally, optimization, finding the best solution using mathematical methods (optimization of numerical analysis process to achieve the most accurate answers at the right time) is defined based on the manufacturer’s requirements and performance objectives of the parts that Pars Mehr Engineering Company with Using geometric optimization tools, designs lighter and more cost-effective structures and provides various optimization services to customers.

Structural accident regulations

The most important design parameters of a car chassis are structural crash safety test, occupant safety and pedestrian safety.
These parameters are usually determined according to the wishes and needs of customers. The results of the analyzes are compared with the following standards and regulations:

Sound analysis, vibrations and hardness

Experimental testing for the performance of a car’s parts in terms of sound, vibration and hardness gives the best results, but it is very costly. Therefore, computer methods are used to reduce costs.
Finite element analysis is a tool that helps the designer to calculate the stiffness of a structure through linear and nonlinear calculations. The output results of finite element methods are displayed using 3D visualization software and will greatly help automotive engineers and designers to improve design.